IraMako, picnic lunch


"Mankanshokuuu!" Ira’s bellow thundered and echoed throughout the campus such that the windows shook in their panels.

Mako nearly leapt out of her uniform in fright. “G-gamagori-senpai—!” was all she could stutter before the giant silenced her with a pointed glare.

"These biscuits… are the most satisfying biscuits I have ever consumed! You have my sincerest compliments for procuring such a wholesome meal!" 

junko trying to seduce mukuro with bad puns


"Goodness gracious, how terrible it would be if you just wolfed me down like a predator catching her prey!” Junko mocked. “Wait, no, this one’s better: oh, be careful with those guns of yours, soldier, or you’ll blow my fuckin’ mind! No, wait, here’s a better one—!”

Mukuro, shirt half-unbuttoned, furrowed her brow and muttered, “I, um. I’m gonna play Halo ‘till you’re ready,” and left her sister to entertain herself alone. 

satsuki/ryuuko one of them finding out the other has a pretty weird kink


Once in a changing room stall, the new clothing lay forgotten as Satsuki’s arms snaked around Ryuuko’s waist and began making their way down her stomach, past her waistline and under the hem of her skirt. “S-Satsuki, there are people in here!” Ryuuko hissed before stifling a gasp. “So? All the better.”

ryuuko/satsuki going shopping


"This one," Satsuki grabbed Ryuuko sharply, turning her about to face the garment Satsuki had grasped in one hand. "Over my dead body!" Ryuuko snapped, making a move to snatch the skin-tight piece of clothing away from her. A moment’s struggle found the pair on the ground with Satsuki trying to wrestle Ryuuko’s jacket off her and Ryuuko hissing something about changing rooms in the back.

naegi/kirigiri, trapped in a closet (this can have a couple interpretations)


"I-I could have sworn there was a secret passage in here… or something… but, um, I guess this isn’t the right closet!" Naegi stammered, his heart pounding in his ears. 

Where Kirigiri’s first instinct was to chastise Naegi for wasting her time, she instead realized what was perhaps the boy’s intent all along: to capture her interest with the promise of a mystery for the purpose of spending time with her. Smiling and shaking her head, she reached to press the button for which Naegi was so desperately searching and watched as he tumbled through the hidden door that opened. 

junko/kirigiri making out and mukuro walking in :000


Kirigiri was more than a little startled when, in the midst of having her lips roughly bitten and a trail of fake nails crawl up her thigh, she heard the door open behind her with a bang. The silence hung dead in the air before Mukuro’s voice echoed through the empty classroom. “Oh, nevermind then. You seem busy.” Undeterred by the interruption, Junko’s fingers continued up Kirigiri’s skirt.



once when Satsuki and Ryuuko were engaging in foreplay Satsuki suddenly snatched Ryuuko’s wrist and said “No. Only mother touches me that way.”

and Ryuuko just sort of raised her arms in defeat and shouted “THAT’S IT I’M DONE” and left the room. Satsuki still has no idea what she said wrong.

i fucked up i fUCKED UP I FUCKED UP I FU




Mukuro cooks with a survival knife.

She’s never really been able to assimilate back into the normal everyday grind, not after her stint with Fenrir; but she thinks she’s doing okay, aside from still tensing up after brushing against someone in a crowd. Sometimes she has to remind herself not to tense up when Naegi entwines their fingers or when he pulls her close to hug her tightly. She’s thankful, so very thankful, that Naegi has patience flowing through his veins, for surely no one else could put up with her.

Her job as a prison guard isn’t a necessarily fulfilling one, but when she’s on duty the inmates are as well-behaved as a group of criminals can be— sometimes, overly polite. They strike up conversation every once in a while, and Mukuro knows what it feels like to kill a man, knows what it feels like to be a criminal, so she will sit with them and talk. Once she played go fish with a murderer on death row in his last few hours.

Naegi worries about her more than he should, she thinks. After all, she can take care of herself. There’s a reason they’re using a modified shotgun as a fourth table leg after it broke, and there’s a reason that shotgun is still fully operational. She sleeps with a gun under her pillow, one bullet in the chamber, because that’s all she needs. One bullet and anyone who dares to try to disrupt this life she’s built for herself won’t see the morning light.

She doesn’t find herself missing her old life much at all anymore. She likes it here, in this tiny flat, with her tiny boyfriend and his immeasurable heart. And as much as she likes her guns, as much as she likes her knives and her grenades, nothing puts a smile on her face faster than seeing the look of pure adoration in Naegi’s eyes when he comes home from a long day dealing with stocks with Togami to find her cleaning her guns in her underwear.

Fenrir gave her life direction, but everything after gave it meaning.

And she couldn’t be more thankful.

One time at a party everyone got smashed and Junko started making out with Mukuro in front of everyone but nobody remembered it past that night

except for Kirigiri

She brings it up whenever she and Mukuro get in a fight and Mukuro always insists “IT WAS ONE TIME” (it wasn’t)(Kirigiri knows this)

On a related note Junko wants in on Kirigiri/Naegi/Mukuro so that she can fuck it up but Mukuro keeps as much distance between their relationship and Junko as possible because she feels really protective of Naegi and Kirigiri (mostly Naegi)

One year, Hope’s Peak decides to stage Chicago for the annual school musical. Maizono naturally takes the lead roll as Roxie Hart, and encourages all of her friends to audition. The results are as follows:

Leon auditions for the part of Billy Flynn but ends up being cast as Fred Casely. Maizono delights in murdering him over and over when he screws up his (very few) lines.

Naegi auditions without reading the whole script for the part of Amos Hart (because he’s still crushin’ hard on Maizono) and gets the part only to realize he has a whole musical number and doesn’t even get to kiss the girl.

To everyone’s surprise, upon being told what the part entailed, Junko put in a great amount of effort and was cast as Velma Kelly. Even more alarming, she also somehow convinced Mukuro to audition for Veronica Kelly. It was like they were born for the roles.

Akane’s natural bellowing demeanor was the perfect fit for Matron Momma Morton. 

Celes (Pop), Syo (Six), Peko (Squish), Sonia (Uh-uh), Junko (Cicero), and Mikan (Lipschitz) bring the house down with their rendition of The Cell Block Tango.

Kirigiri initially auditioned for a part as one of the Merry Murderesses, but due to her SHSL talent and the fact that she was the only one of the group that knew how to tap-dance, she was cast as Billy Flynn. After learning the lyrics to All I Care About, she ceased to object.

No one really wanted to take the part as Mary Sunshine, until Chihiro learned that the role was still available. Studying hard and working up the courage for solo lines proved tricky, but they were determined to take the part, though no one was really sure why that part meant so much to them.